A burst of morning sun

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In the month of December, the winter was gone again, we do not really know where! The beautiful snow we had, had been washed by the whims of Mother Nature. That morning, I got up pretty early and saw that there were some clouds in the sky. I thought that the conditions would be favourable for the sunlight to hit these clouds and light them up. I picked up my camera, a coffee and went on an adventure. At this time of the year, the sun rises quite late, which gave me room to wander around and find an interesting place.

Before I left, I did some research on Google maps to find some places so I could have some general guidelines. I made a few stops in some places, but the conditions were not ideal. Then, at sunrise, the clouds were too close to the horizon to have this “red carpet” effect.

I continued my journey to get to this place between St-Sébastien and Venise-en-Québec. A beautiful little barn (for a change! ;-))

I chose a point of view that seemed interesting to me and I took advantage of the fact that the clouds hid the sun partly to have a sunburst effect. All in all, a pleasant result for a missed sunrise!