A dive in culinary madness!

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How to push the limits

In the weeks leading up to the food theme, the preparation of the images shown earlier has sparked an explosion of ideas (which I will probably continue to exploit later). That day, I noticed the presence of cucumbers on the counter of the kitchen. They were wrapped in a plastic, which gave me the impression of a long cylinder considering the perfection of their forms. Do not ask me where I got this idea but I had the feeling that the cucumbers looked like a submarine … That’s when it started the project! (I underline project because it was quite an adventure!)

I started by putting a background on a foam board with aquarium rock. I had thought of using a green paper in order to replace it in Photoshop. Then I added some elements to make this background interesting. Notably, “mini-trees” that are branches of bunches of grapes, shells and a chicken bone…

A “slight” problem

Since this editing took me a while, DIY was a long time in my living room. Then, one day I had to move this material to make room. I had a little forgotten the content of this montage but not the cat … Even if I had cleaned it with water and allowed to dry, the chicken bone had to be an incredible attraction for the cat, this hungry satan who, even after eating his ration, he feels like he’s going to starve! Since the craft was in precarious equilibrium ET accessible, the cat has embarked on the adventure by climbing on the cardboard foam to engage in the tasting of the bone. Obviously, the assembly did not resist and rocked on the ground …


Despite this “problem”, the incident made me realize that this editing was not developed and that I had to refine it. I realized that the green bottom was not so good if finally. Again, the cat has “intervened” in the story, I noticed that the litter could make an excellent seabed.

Montage number two

I made a few trips between the litter box and the living room to put it on the foam board. So I reassembled my bottom while omitting the chicken bone this time, to avoid the bother … I added a diver to my craft, an article used in aquariums. The bottom was ready!

The USS Cucumber

Did I tell you that I hate cucumbers? I do not like the smell or taste! I try to tast each year in case this disdain changes. Nothing to do until now, it does not happen. And yet, I eat sushi … except those that are composed only of cucumbers!

In short, I made the assembly of my submarine by cutting the pieces so that it can look like this ship. I wanted him to look like cucumber, after all, I wanted to stay in this theme of food.

I named it USS Cucumber in “dishonor” to the illustrious president in the south of our country … United States Ship Cucumber 😉

The disaster and the final assembly

Once my photos taken. I started editing in Photoshop. A few hours of patient work to add the layers and remove the visible elements used to hold my objects. After 2 or 3 nights of work, I wanted to open my image to continue the work, disaster: the Photoshop file refused to open in the software … However, I could see the thumbnail in the operating system; I could open it with an image viewer. However, I could not access the layers to work on them. I finally found a tool that allowed me to open it and save it again in Photoshop format. However, I only had access to a few main layers and for some reason, all these layers were 50% transparent?!? It was better than nothing, otherwise I had to go back to work from the beginning. The operation would still be difficult since I had partly dismantle the DIY … (an error that I will not repeat!)

Have a good trip to the bottom of the sea!