A last minute photo!

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At the beginning of September, I had recovered from a treatment and I felt melancholy not able to go on a run a take pictures. That night, I had observed the sky that seemed promising for a colourful sunset. It was late for this kind of outing but I realized that I might have the opportunity to quench my thirst for images without making a big excursion! While studying the course of the sun, I remembered a place nearby where I might have the chance to make a photo. I took my camera, tripod and I left with the car to go less than 2 km and went to this fruit and vegetable market at the outskirt of the city.

I arrived just in time for the show of colors in the clouds! I went around the chain that barred the entrance (telling myself I would forgiven since I was just taking pictures!) And I settled in the lawn surrounding the store. I took some pictures got this this result. Just interesting enough to satisfy myself to be able to do landscape photography.

Moral of this story, there are beautiful images to make in our backyard!