A little more of macro

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A little more of macro

Last fall, I had fun doing macro photography. While playing outside with my equipment, I noticed a slug that was walking on a leaf of flowers (still alive!). I picked it up and told myself that I could try to photograph it more easily if I was inside the house…

The staging

In the house, I got a houseplant to welcome my “guest”. Then I found my lighting equipment: a dimmable LED light panel. I placed everything on the table to be at ease. I chose a continuous lighting because I thought that I might have difficulty to put the focus on the slug given that I would be very close to my lens.

A half success!

I was in the impression that a slug was not a fast creature… Error! It moves quite quickly, especially when it comes to try to focus with a camera. I had to do several tries to make a clean picture. I had pushed the intensity of the lighting to the maximum and with an ISO of 200 (the maximum I wanted to use for a good sharpness), lowering my speed 1/30, I got an opening of f/6.3; not very deep for close-ups… Note that I could have raised the ISO but as the lighting was quite weak and I had to increase the exposure in postproduction, I would have had noise in my image.

The final result

I got this image, the one that was the clearest to see the critter. I named the picture “precipice”!