A propeller barn!

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It had been a while that I had not photographed a barn. In fact, it had been a long time that I had not made an outting to photograph a barn!

That day, I had the car (since we only have one car now) and the sky seemed promising with some clouds decorating it. So I started to drive in the area around my home looking for something different. Near Highway 15 (south shore section), I noticed the wind turbines. I thought I could get close to it. Along the way, I moved further and further away to approach these structures. I felt like I was thirsty guy in the desert trying to get closer to that optical illusion oasis… 😉

Finally, the illusion came true and filled with happiness, there was a barn too! I was a little (ok, maybe a lot!) exited. I was also pressed for time: the sun was setting fast AND I had to go back home to pick-up my wife at work…

I installed my equipment quickly and moved a little to center the barn between two wind turbines. I made some poses in “bracketing” in anticipation of assembling them in post-production. The sun was hidden behind the horizon and I waited for the sun to illuminate the clouds. Time was running out and I had to think about leaving the place to go back home, especially since I had moved away quite a bit…

I made this picture and once at home, I stopped my choice on a single image instead of doing HDR. That gave me my propeller barn!