A succulent theme

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During the activities of the photo club of which I am a member, there was this photo theme which inspired me quite a lot. The theme was “food”.

Knowing the talent of the club members, I was sure there would be some masterpieces worthy of appearing in a culinary magazine. Since this is not necessarily my field of photography, I thought that I could do differently and try to stand out!

I do not really remember how the idea of ​​staging food came up. I think it was observing olives before eating that I noticed that it could look like an eye. Along the way, I developed this scenario. I took the olives to cut them as necessary. What’s interesting is that when building the crackers, I giggled at the result!

During editing, I used a small stick that I had made in order to make it a trophy for my softball league. Then I used a wire tie to simulate an arm and hand. In the final assembly in Photoshop, I resized the stick to be proportional to the crackers.

Thus was born the project of the rabid cracker! In the next article, I will show you another montage to produce an image presented under the same theme.