A sunny evening

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Towards the end of September, I decided that I deserved to go for a ride in the countryside and find interesting landscapes. I felt like I had lost my hand in landscape pictures because I didn’t have the chance to go out during the year.

So I left for the south, south of my city, to try my luck and hope to find the sun! I had already surveyed the area and I knew it well enough. What remained for me was to find an interesting subject, which is not always easy… I tried a few shots here and there without much enthusiasm. The sun was starting to disappear over the horizon and I saw my opportunities of photos escape 🙁

I was on Faddentown Road in St-Georges de Clarenceville when I passed this tree and noticed the sun from the corner of my eye. It was behind the tree just at the right height! I took the easy approach: I was in the car, the passenger side window down, with a zoom lens at its maximum. I advanced-backed the car until the sun was directly behind the tree. I used a shutter speed fast enough to have the tree in a silhouette and the sky in a nice warm color.

I had the impression to see a sunset of Africa. That’s why I decided to name the photo: “Kenya PQ”!

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