Close to my door

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The picture

There are these photos captured in the smallest and planned details, images made in last minute (as mentioned in the last week article) or those that one comes upon by “chance”.

Towards the end of September, I walked on my lawn and not far from my front door (literally two steps away!), There are large yellow flowers that come out towards the end of the summer. Walking by, I noticed that there was a bee flying from flower to flower. I went back to get my camera with my 100mm macro lens to try to photograph the beast!



1st difficulty:

it was little winding… As these flowers grow in large stalks of about 1.5 meters, they swayed with every gust. With a microscopic focus plan, it’s not easy to keep a sharp image!

2nd difficulty:

the bee did not stay in one place! After all, she was making her usual way of foraging from one head to another. So I had to constantly move the camera to get close enough. In addition, there is always this fear of being stung by a beast who feels threatened by a camera…

3rd difficulty:

it was a cloudy day. I adjusted the settings to try to have a higher shutter speed. I ended up going with an aperture of f/6.3, ISO 400 to reach a speed of 1/400.

The result

After several attempts, I dared to stretch out my arm to hold back the flower and lessen the swinging motion caused by the wind. Holding the camera in a balancing hand on the tripod, the head of it not too tight to allow me to play with the angle, I took several poses following the bee with the camera. Fortunately, it stopped quite a long time on this flower to allow me to achieve a sharp picture.

A bonus

Once my bee photo was made, I continued to observe the flowers just in case other bees would show up. I saw a domestic fly that landed on one of the flowers. Knowing that these critters can be nervous, I tried my luck by approaching quietly. I managed to capture the fly that rested in the flower. What I find interesting about this picture is that we can see the contrast of the color palette between the green belly of the fly and the yellow hue of the flower. I named the picture: flower fly!