Food madness keeps going on

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While creating my food related pictures, I made an image with fruits and vegetables orbiting in space. While editing this image, I isolated a sweet potato on a black background. It was looking at it absentmindedly until I realized it looked a little like a lunar surface …

It took no more for the imagination is unleashed it’s creativity. I had pretty much settled the “planets” portion with my edible foods. I wanted to represent a spaceship and the idea of ​​starring NASA’s famous LEM landing on the moon in the late sixties. The dilemma: find such an object almost 50 years later!

I ended up finding something to fill that need. The problem was that I had to assemble it. I never realized how much I had embarked on a tedious adventure: it took me three long nights to finish the assembly…

Once the tedious work finished, I photographed it on a black background in order to edit in Photoshop. Despite all the work required, I enjoyed being able to recreate a historic moment with a touch of culinary humour.

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