From my window

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In front of my house is a fruit tree: a crabapple. He gives me beautiful gifts from time to time during the year: in the spring, it explodes with beautiful pink flowers for a brief period. Then, throughout the summer, it grows crabapple while doing a little shade in the sun to reduce the heat that accumulates on the house.

It is in autumn/early winter that the show becomes even more interesting. Indeed, when the leaves fall and the ground freezes, the birds start to run out of food. It’s in my tree that they find it! A variety of birds share the jackpot of the annual production. I have a great pleasure to see these birds come and go, but some are more glutton than others and ransack the place: they tear the crabapples to let them fall to the ground and eat them; it often remains on the ground but also on the car… But all the same, an interesting show.

The tree does not only attract the birds, fans of them are pointing the nose! Last fall, I was surprised to see a car half parked in my driveway. I was wondering who could stay in my parking lot like that and I was going to see the individual. At the last second, I noticed that it was a photographer because the long lens protruding from the window of his car…

For my part, I have the opportunity to watch the show through my window, in the warmth of the house, camera in hand. Obviously, the elevated viewpoint is less interesting for the birds that feed on the ground but not for those who are in the tree! So that day in December, the weather was a bit sullen and the lighting was rather diffuse because of the clouds and the few flakes/drops of falling rain. I looked out the window and saw the birds coming and going. I used a long focal length to isolate the birds because there are houses around and they are in the picture; then I pushed the ISO to have a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the birds (while maintaining a bit of movement for the action). I got an interesting result despite the conditions!