Good day sunshine

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Fortunately there are interesting photo topics close to home! One morning in late September, I woke up early. Despite all my efforts to go back to sleep, I remained awake. Knowing that the autumn nights are often cool, they offer the possibility of producing morning fog. I thought that as long as I was awake and did not know what to do, I could try my luck and go out to take pictures.

I know this place to have already been there. The advantage is that it is near my home. As the sun was going to show up quite quickly, I was lucky to be able to get there just in time, or almost! I arrived at the place in question but I missed the blue hour; anyway, it’s impossible to stand there for a long time (in the angle shown in the photo) because there is a lot of traffic in the morning.

The sun was on the horizon and I could see my picture slipping away… I prepared my camera, chose an aperture to have a star effect with the sun, and then I went back and forth and stopped momentarily on the side of the road to take my picture. As I had anticipated, there was a morning fog!

At least my shortened night served to satisfy my need for photography 😉

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