Sunny paddock

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What’s interesting about being in a photo club is that there are themes for which we have to produce images, which forces me out of the house and then try something! In this activity, the photos are presented and criticized. This criticism is of a constructive nature in order to improve the technical and artistic aspects of the photographer.

So at the end of November 2018, I kicked myself and went out to take pictures. I had this place in mind for having driven by previously. The theme chosen for this month was the golden hour or blue hour. That day, the sky was cloudless which could make a picture a little bland. Once there, I had the chance to meet the owner of the place that arrived at his home: the enclosure is located near a barn and I had to park on the ground to photograph the scene. I would have probably caused a little inconvenience! I was able to ask permission from this gentleman.

It was cold … not obvious with photographic equipment. I put together my set and got ready to do my picture. I framed my image and made some photos. Since I had spent a few minutes outside, I left my camera in the trunk of the car to keep the same temperature and prevent fogging in the lens. I waited a bit because it was early and the sun was not low enough for my taste. I got back and took my camera out of the car’s trunk and did some more pictures. This is the result of my patience!

At the viewing of the photos at our club party, it received the suggestions for improvement from Pierre and François (thank you gentlemen!). The original wasn’t framed right and let the eye wander. The image presented contains the correction. I named it the sunny enclosure

Still in the same expedition, I made a stop at this place to photograph this rustic mailbox! I did it in “drive by shooting”, that is to say, to stay in the car, the window rolled down and to make the picture comfortably sitting in the warmth of the car 😉 It was the picture that corresponded to the blue hour theme; I named it winter letter.