Sunshine music

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Sometimes inspiration comes to me when I least expect it. That morning I finished eating a clementine. I had obviously removed the skin and true to my habits, I tried to do it in a way that the skin would be in one piece.

When it was time to composting the thing, I went to pick it up on the counter and I froze! The shape of the orange peel jumped to my eyes: it looked like the gills of a violin! I said to myself: “there is certainly a picture to do with that!”

The execution was quite simple: take out the guitar, place the lighting and fix the peel of the clementine. During my preparations, I thought absently about a title I could give to the photo. The one that kept coming back to me was “Sunshine Music”. Sunshine State, Florida, oranges, well, you get my train of thoughts…

Perhaps an Englishman who understands French would say: “let’s zing along” 😉

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