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In photography, there are several tools that can be used to make images. Of course, there are accessories such as lighting, wireless triggers, etc. There are others that are not exactly accessories but rather to help build the image, hmmm, intriguing as a description!

Without further ado… as the picture shows, a drop of water to photograph is not easy if you do it manually; that is, drop water and then trigger the camera. This can work well but it would take a lot of unsuccessful attempts to capture a good “explosion”. That is why there are specialized devices, device that I bought at the beginning of the summer so to have a little fun during my “health” break.

The device in question is the MIOPS Splash. It lets you drop one or more drops while controlling the trigger of the camera and the flash.

Despite the use of a specialized device, the fact remains that the work requires patience to adjust the sequence of drops, the time of fall and the trigger time of the camera.

To make the images, I used cobra flashes (those that we put on the cameras) because they are lights that are ultra fast at low power. The studio lights are not suitable for this type of photography because the duration of the flash is too long to freeze the movement. As for colors, I used gels placed in front of the lighting to alter the hue. I pointed the flash (or lights) towards a white background to diffuse the light and have lighting from behind.

Here is the result of different shots I made during the few days that I had fun with this device:

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